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          Our company is located in the south suburban area of Wuxi, the noted city along the coast of Lake Tai and the developed regions in terms of the science and technology, transportation and infrastructure.
          In the recent 40 years, our company has been specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation of the car unloader, LK8m improved version of bridge type spiral unloading machine, environment-protective chain unloading machine, stocker, reclaimer, ship loader, ship unloader, bi-directional trolley reclaimer and belt conveyor of different specification.. The equipments have been collected into the World Material Portage Manual and National Carbonization Technology Progressive Achievement Compilation (page 44-45, first part) and are the scientific leading products with good qualities.Our company also manufactures the road building machinery equipments and crane equipments of different specification and types.
          The products have been extensively applied in the metallurgy steel enterprise, coke-oven plant, power plant, freight yard, raw material yard, port, dock, unload,Loads a ship, unloads a ship, stock, reclaiming, conveying, crane and other modern machinery work and the development of the Great Northwest part of China.
          Our company has carried out long-term technical cooperation with State Metallurgy Ministry Anshan Coke and Fireproof Institute, Beijing Steel Design Institute, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, North China Municipal Engineering Design And Research Institute to study and explore the business.
          Our company possesses strong technical forces, complete equipment inspection means and perfect quality guarantee system, which provides the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for the clients and the supply of spare parts in long term.
          Warmly welcome the clients both at home and abroad to negotiate the business with us.